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Humanism Recovery Movement 



  • Body & Soul Seminar in Taipei, Taiwan

  • Happy Cosmopolitan Seminar in Tokyo, Japan

  • Dreams come true Seminar in Seoul, Korea

Little Pie Campaign

They just deserve more. They have a vitality despite their poverty.

The shining kids! I was just fascinate by them. If my little efforts, I mean, our little piece of pie can give them a shining-white smile, it would be a priceless present for me

Associated with Koala Dental Clinic(Japan), distribute tooth brushes & dental hygienic educations to the south Indian village schools.


Sponsoring Nepal children since

Sponsoring abused world children since





Book Publishing


2008 - <Wake up call>

2007.- <God is kinder to the girls>

2006.- <The Manners to your life>

2005.- <Live as you like>


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